TEDxPatras 2017 - "Moments"

O ne moment can change the world, history, civilization, a science, a country, an era, a relationship, a life or many lives. One moment is enough to determine a course of action, to lead to developments, to complete something or to define a new beginning to the unknown. One moment is all it takes to turn a defeat to victory (or a victory to defeat), to determine an outcome, to end a battle but also to begin a war.

One moment is all you need to form an opinion or a worldview, to reset targets, to envision a better future, to find (or lose) solitude, faith, passion, balance, hope or even life itself. One moment is enough to enable you to create and negotiate a new identity, to form new relationships, to create new realities.

Reversals, inventions, discoveries, births and deaths all once resulted -and continue to result- from one single moment. One moment can shape or change the course of everything, of many or some, other important or less important events.

Besides, it only took a moment -somewhere in the very distant past- for the universe to be created. Who knows what the next defining moment will be that could alter the course of humanity, of history or the life of each and every one of us?

And quoting Nikos Kazantzakis “We have only a moment at our disposal. Let’s make this moment an eternity. There is no other immortality”.


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