Royal Theater

Akti Dymaion 53

An elaborate structure that is a landmark for the city of Patras as it depicts part of the city’s history and has stood there for over a century has been transformed - without losing any of its posh looks, lavish surroundings or glamor - into a contemporary culture and entertainment center.


C an something happening in Patras take place in London at the same time? This year's TEDxPatras, entitled Moments, will attempt to achieve this. On Saturday, October 14, 2017, in collaboration with TEDxImperial, Patras will broadcast a signal to the British capital through a live broadcast of the event's talks.

As a result, those who will choose to attend TEDxPatras event at the venue of the University of London, will have the opportunity to live the moments of the whole experience. This is the first time that TEDxPatras “goes out” across borders with a live connection.

The London event is organized entirely by members of the TEDxPatras group, aiming for extroversion. This constitutes an additional effort for "ideas worth spreading" to be heard everywhere, through the remarkable talks of this year's guests. Whoever wishes shall come to the venues of this year's TEDxPatras: to the central venue of the Royal Theater in Patras, and to the specially designed venue of the Imperial College in London.